• Making dreams come true

    …halfway across the world!

When you bring your child’s dreams to life,

dreams come true for another child in need.

Princess (pictured here at age 7) was born into war-ravaged Liberia.  Princess was malnourished and at risk of starvation, exploitation, and death from disease. Dreams came true when Princess was sponsored into the BESTWA feeding program.  BESTWA provides Princess with nutritious food, emergency medical care, education, and hope for a bright future.

Today, Princess is a healthy, thriving 15-year-old.  And every time you book a party with Feeling Fanciful, a percentage of your party package goes toward making dreams come true for other children like Princess – you’re taking a special part in making the world a better, brighter place!

Learn more about how you can help other children like

Princess by visiting the organization below: