Payment & Packaging Questions

How do I book a Party Package?

You are free to book your party package online anytime by completing the following steps (please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or if you need assistance):

  1. Select the character of your choice from our Character Menu!
  2. Under “Book Now,” select your desired Package, Performer, and Date & Time of your event on the Calendar. (Remember, the availability of the desired Character changes when you switch the packaging and performer options – feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about availability.)
  3. Add to Cart and complete Checkout (or “Continue Shopping”)!
  4. Remember that you may want to check out our other party services (such as event photography, party tattoos, crafts, party favors, and more) by shopping our Add-Ons, selecting the ones of your choice, and adding to cart before completing the Checkout process.

If you would like to book more than one character for your party, simply follow the same process for each character of your choosing – just be sure to select a different Performer under “Book Now.”  The web site will automatically include the 20% OFF discount for booking more than one character!

What if my desired character or performer appears unavailable for the date/time of my event?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if the character or performer shows as unavailable based upon our booking engine for the date and time of your event.  We may be able to coordinate around this for you and make special arrangements for your dreams to still come true!

How does the 20% OFF discount work for adding an extra character?

When booking two or more characters for a party, you automatically earn 20% off all characters. For example, the Wishful Package is $159 for a single character; therefore, two characters is $159 X 2 minus 20% for a total of $254.40.  You save $63.60!  Don’t want to worry about the math?  Each extra character is already discounted at this rate when you select one during the checkout process!

How do traveling fees work?

We travel up to 29 miles from our “castle” in zip code 75165 free of charge! Beyond that, a small traveling fee is charged for time and gas compensation of our performers.  Traveling fees are charged during the checkout process.  To view your specific traveling fee, visit our Trip Calculator.

Is gratuity required?

While tipping is never required, please feel free to tip what you believe your performer deserves. Typically, a party host tips each performer $20-100. Our performers greatly appreciate your generosity as they take pride in their craft and spend much time training and perfecting their skills for each party.  If you do not have cash to tip at your event, feel free to tip using our function on Tip your Performer page, but remember that part of the funds are automatically absorbed into PayPal.  The best way to tip your performer after your event is to mail cash or check (made out to Feeling Fanciful) to 90 Elmwood Trail, Waxahachie, TX 75165 – just leave your name and we will ensure that the money goes to your performer’s next paycheck!

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

If you cancel within 48 hours of purchasing your order, you will receive a 100% refund.  If you cancel after 48 hours since purchasing your order, you will be refunded all but $50 of your order. Cancellations within one week of your event will not be refunded.  Rescheduling is free.  Feeling Fanciful will provide a 100% refund in the rare and unusual instance that the company should cancel an event.

What if I need to adjust my package?

Add-ons and extra characters may be purchased no later than one week prior to your event and depending upon availability!  When checking out with your additional items online, please contact us so that we can help you avoid paying any unnecessary Trip Charges.  If you would like to downgrade your package, you will receive a refund covering the difference between your package choices up to one week before your event.  There are no refunds for downgrading your package within one week of your event.  If you’d like to adjust your package in any way, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

What if I’d like the performer to stay overtime?

If you decide during the event to request the performer stay overtime, and if both they and the Fanciful Attendant are available, simply purchase an additional 30 minutes per character through the web site Add-On services and checkout before your performers depart from the event. Your Fanciful Attendant will be there to assist you!

What if I’d like a specific Fanciful Team member to perform my event?

Feeling Fanciful is happy to allow our clients to select the Performer they desire to perform their party!  Simply select your desired character from our Book a Character page and then select the desired performer you would like to perform your package from the drop-down menu option under “Book Now.”  Check out our Fanciful Team page for details on each cast member and what characters they play.

Does Feeling Fanciful book public events, such as charities, libraries, hospitals, city events, etc.?

We would love to entertain your event, whether public or private!  Generally our Meet & Greet packages do nicely for public events.  But if you have questions regarding the feasibility of any of our packages for your event, please do not hesitate to contact us!

What if I’d like to book a photoshoot with a Fanciful princess?

We would LOVE to to book a photography session with your little princess!! We book our princess photoshoots through Angela Germany Photography – our character image photographer. When you look through our web site, you’re basically viewing her masterful photography talent!!  We cannot recommend her enough!

Event Planning Questions

When will I hear from Feeling Fanciful regarding my booking purchase?

Upon booking an event with Feeling Fanciful, you will receive a few confirmation emails within 24 hours of your purchase to confirm your booking and ensure that all details for your event are secured using our Event Details form.  One of our associates will also give you a call as your event approaches to review your event details with you and make sure we are thoroughly prepared to give you the best experience!

Do you have an age range or limit to number of children for your parties?

Our party packages are primarily geared towards 5-15 children between the ages of 3-9 years old.  If your party will include more children than that, we recommend hiring at least one extra princess to provide the best experience possible for your little guests!

Are your parties just for girls, or do the boys like it, too?

Our packages are designed to incorporate every child, whether boy or girl!  We have found that boys actually quite enjoy our princess parties, whether to show off their trivia knowledge, get their picture taken with the princess, compete when the game time comes around, or get their face painted.  Both your little girls and boys will be delighted by the whole party!

Do your performers ever hold or pick up the children?

For the safety of everyone involved, our performers are trained not to pick up or hold any child, no matter what the context.  If handed a child unawares, our performer(s) will either immediately take a knee to set them gently down or immediately hand them back to the parent.  We kindly ask for your support with this safety policy.

Do I need to supply anything for the performer(s)?

While we are super flexible, it is helpful for you to provide clean, cleared floorspace if your package includes games, an optional chair for story time, and table space if your package includes FacePaint Fun.  Otherwise, our performers will come equipped with everything they need for their portion of your event so that you can sit back and enjoy!

Do I need to assist the performer in any way?

Our paid Feeling Fanciful attendant accompanying each performer will handle any needs related to the performer in order to provide a smooth and easy experience for you!  We simply ask that you remain “present” in the same room as your performer, providing supervision for your little guests and handling any potential disruptive behavior. While our performers are very independent and will make things as easy as possible for you to relax and enjoy their visit, they will remain true to their tasks as entertainers for the length of each performance. Being “present” during the course of your event and eliminating distractions from the entertainment at hand is a wonderful courtesy to your performer(s) and a joy to your guests as well!

Should I offer food or drink to the performer?

While this is always considered a kindness, our performers ensure they are well fed and hydrated before hosting an event in order to prevent food or drink spills on their costumes.  We highly recommend providing space safely away from food or drink in order to assist the performers in caring for their custom costumes while they host their activities.

When is the best time for the performer to arrive at my event?

We have found that it works well  to schedule your character’s arrival at least 30 minutes after your event begins.  This allows for your performer(s) to make their grand entrance without conflicting with guests arriving or late comers. But if you would like your fanciful character present already as guests arrive, that can still be done – just be sure to account for the time it takes out of your package!

What is your outdoor event/weather policy?

Feeling Fanciful does not book outdoor events if the temperatures exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit or if the space is wet due to recent rainfall or snow. All outdoor venues must be shaded and free of thorny bushes, mud, snow, or standing water. Feeling Fanciful reserves the right to depart from an event due to damaging and/or dangerous event/weather conditions. There are no refunds to the client for these cases. Upon agreeing to our terms of service, you agree to provide an alternative feasible indoor venue in order to prevent the need for performer(s) to depart from your event due to damaging and/or dangerous event/weather conditions, and to provide a changing space with a mirror on site for indoor events on rainy days in order for the performer to change on site.

Do you have a pet policy?

While we love our furry friends, if you have animals at your event venue, we kindly ask that you ensure they are safely away from the fanciful happenings in order to prevent potential performer allergies, damage to costuming, and disruption to the activities. Our performers reserve the right to depart from an event should the conditions be damaging to their costume.

What does FacePaint Fun entail?

The smiles on the children’s faces when they see their faces painted is priceless!  Providing fun facial designs from a book of options for both boys and girls, our performers use only FDA approved, nontoxic, hypoallergenic face paint pens to ensure a safe, clean environment.  This portion of the event is a great time for the children waiting in line to enjoy eating birthday cake!

NOTE: If you are looking for professional face painting artistry, we recommend hiring a professional face painter with our sister company: Fancy Faces by Veronica

When will I receive my photos & how many will I receive?

For photography add-on services, we provide 50+ edited images per hour.  You will receive a link to all of your edited images no later than three weeks after your use of our Fanciful Photographer services!

When will I receive my video and how long will it be?

For videography add-on services, we provide edited second/per event minute video, professionally created into a highlights reel for you (e.g. 30 seconds highlights reel for the 30 minute Add-On Fanciful Videography service). You will receive a link to your edited highlights video no later than three weeks after your use of our Fanciful Videographer services!