About Heavyn

Performer & Party Assistant

Heavyn is thrilled to being joining the feeling fanciful team! She’s been trained in theatre since she was 10, and has been performing since before she can remember. Her favorite princess is the Frog Princess because throughout her whole life people told her that her dreams are ridiculous and there’s no way she would reach them but she never gave up hope and always believe that she could reach her goals through hard work and believing in herself. Heavyn spends her time outside of theatre and “princessing” with her little sisters or at her church helping the kids ministry. You can also find her at a local coffee shop reading a good book. Heavyn has always wanted to be a princess and and is excited that through this company her dreams are coming true, and she get to help your children’s dreams come true too! She is ready to show the little ones that to be a princess it doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you have the heart of a princess by being kind, loving, and compassionate toward everyone and everything!

Heavyn’s Fanciful Gallery