Princess Party for Everyone

A princess party is a fun and special event. It is exciting as a little kid to have a real life princess show up at your party and spend time with you on your big day. As a child, you still believe in magic, princesses, and far away kingdoms. And having a princess party simply makes those beliefs become reality.

The best part about fairytales and magic is that it is for everyone. Not only young girls can enjoy a party that brings that magic to life. Boys, girls, and even adults can have fun at a princess party!

At Feeling Fanciful, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a princess party. Princesses are not just for girls, they can be perfect for every kiddo! While your daughter will likely be the first to ask for a princess party, we are sure your boys will enjoy it as well. Let’s take a closer look at why princess parties are great for everyone!

The Songs Are Catchy

It is very unlikely that your little ones, whether boy or girl, can make it through an entire princess movie without singing along to the songs. When you invite a Feeling Fanciful princess to join your kiddo’s birthday party, you can expect them to sing some of these catchy and classic songs! Your children will love singing along as the magical princess guest sings their heart out. You may even find yourself humming a few notes.

The Characters are Fan Favorites

Choosing which character you want to invite to your child’s party is exciting, but difficult. You can choose from the classics, like Cinderella and Snow White, from the more current princesses, like the Snow Queen and Snow Princess, or you can choose someone a little more “super” like the Amazon Princess! Everyone loves the classics but your child may want the Amazon Princess to join their party, because everyone wants a warrior princess to attend their party, right?!? At Feeling Fanciful, we have a party character for everyone!

Everyone Loves a Special Guest

While birthday parties are fun for everyone, they become even more exciting when a special guest is in attendance. Having a party princess show up at your birthday celebration is exciting for everyone, even the parents! Our characters make sure to add to the party and help you celebrate your little one’s big day. Whether it is a surprise or your child knows they can expect a special guest, they will be excited when we show up and we will make the party one to remember.

Princess Aren’t Just For Girls

While most people associate princesses with girls, boys like them too! How many of your sons loved the princess movies? How many of them wanted to watch them with their sister? This shows that boys can like princesses too and that they can want to have a princess at their birthday party or enjoy a friends birthday party that a princess attends. Let kids be kids and let them like what they like. A princess party can be fun for everyone, even the parents.

More Than Just a Princess

When you invite a Feeling Fanciful princess to join the party, you can get so much more than just a princess. Each of our party packages comes with a wide array of carefully planned activities; and add-on services are available as well, including event photography, crafts, party tattoos, and more!

Feeling Fanciful can provide an exciting and fun party for everyone. Invite a princess to your child’s next party and expect the best birthday ever! This is the type of party that everyone can enjoy and love, whether you are a boy, girl, or adult!