How to Treat Your Party Princess

Why should I host a Feeling Fanciful Princess Party?

A birthday is one of the most important days of the year, and the impact of a special birthday party is long-lasting for every child! Even the simplest birthday party is exciting, but imagine the long-lasting effects of a specialized, themed party for your child’s birthday! Fairytale princesses will forever be one of the most popular forms of children’s entertainment and could very well be the perfect theme for that birthday party you see on the horizon. If you are trying to plan the ultimate birthday party for your little royal, we can help!

At Feeling Fanciful, LLC, we make everyday dreams come true by creating spectacular, princess-themed moments that your little one can cherish forever! Imagine the look on the children’s faces when they see their favorite fairytale princess arrive in person to grant their birthday wish and entertain everyone gathered to celebrate their special day. With a variety of party packages to choose from and add-on services to double the fun, Feeling Fanciful provides everything to make your princess visit the most magical experience possible.

Did we mention we love surprises?? Having your fairytale princess show up to the birthday party is a great way to surprise your little royal with a one-of-a-kind treat! Our party princesses go to every length to ensure each one of your guests is thoroughly entertained for the span of their visit. While our princesses are there for your child’s entertainment to make their birthday party both exciting and memorable, there are a few things to keep in mind when hosting a visiting princess. Let’s chat about how one should treat their party princess and what to expect from their visit:

What do I need to provide for my Party Princess?

Our princesses come prepared! You will not have to provide them with anything except children to entertain and a birthday child deserving special attention. While a sitting chair may be helpful and some clear floor space is necessary for games, our party princesses will come with absolutely everything they need to make their presence at the party perfect. Once your party princess shows up, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the show! Just remember to respect the time limits based on your party package!

Is there anything I can do to help my Party Princess?

While each Fanciful Princess is accompanied by a Fanciful Attendant to help everything run smoothly and ensure that you can also enjoy their visit, our princesses will always remain true to their tasks as performers. This means that because they will diligently entertain you and yours “in princess character” until they leave the party, your constant presence and help with ensuring there is no disruptive behavior or distractions in the party room will help them provide the best party experience for everyone. With your assistance in this simple way, your princess performer will be able to do create an excellent princess party experience for you and yours!

Should I provide food or drink for my Party Princess?

Ever since Snow White awoke from her deep sleep after accepting food from a stranger, our princesses arrive to every event well-fed and hydrated, so that they have no need of sustenance for the length of their visit. All joking aside, though, while we are grateful for the generosity of those who offer food and drink to our princesses, there is no need to provide your party princess with any, as they will spend the entire time focusing on your little guests and keeping their expensive gowns and garments away from sticky fingers and food as much as possible.

All fairytale princesses love animals, right?

While we love our furry friends, if you have animals at your event venue, we kindly ask that you ensure they are safely away from the fanciful happenings in order to prevent potential performer allergies, damage to costuming, and disruption to the activities, etc. The last thing you would want for your child’s birthday is a sneezy princess with a damaged dress, right? We appreciate your helping your princess visit be successful by moving any furry little friends away from the party space and vacuuming up any extra fur balls lying around.

How can I help maintain the “magic” with my Party Princess?

One of the best things about being a child is being blissfully naive. Our princesses are trained to be as authentic as possible to help the children believe that the “real-live,” fairytale princess is actually attending the birthday party. When the children believe that our party princesses are the real deal, it becomes all the more special, memorable, and magical for them – but we need your help to keep the magic alive. If you behave as though your performer is the real princess as well, the children are bound to believe; and that is the icing on the cake for every princess party! Be sure to refer to your party princess by their fairytale name and think about how you would have felt if you were meeting them for the first time as a young royal — you surely would have been enchanted! We do everything in our power to keep the magic alive, even parking around the corner or at a safe distance out of direct line of sight so as to not ruin the illusion and bringing a “magic music box” to provide the musical atmosphere surrounding your princess. Your birthday little and their friends will adore your support of the fantasy surrounding their princess visitor – may all the children believe in princesses, kingdoms, magic, and a happily ever after!

Should I tip my Party Princess?

While tipping is never required, our performers greatly appreciate your generosity as they take pride in their craft and spend much time training and perfecting their skills for each party!  Typically, a party host tips each performer $20-$100. If you do not have cash to tip at your event, feel free to tip using our function on the Add-Ons page: Tip your Performer.  (Just remember that your performer won’t see all of the tip money if you pay online due to the percentage kept by our PayPal processing friends!)  Cash is the best way to go if you want your party princess feeling all your love.

How do I go about booking a Feeling Fanciful Princess Party?

Our performers work hard to create authentic and believable princess characters! At Feeling Fanciful, LLC, it is our mission to make everyday dreams come true; and we do that by making your child’s birthday both special and unforgettable. Learn more about how to book one of our party packages and start planning your princess party today. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us — we want your party to be everything you wish for!